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Welcome at Punta Rio Claro WildLife Refuge




In 1997, the government declared Punta Rio Claro National Wildlife a Refuge.


350 birds

There are more than 350 different birds in Punta Rio Claro Wildlife Refuge. 


300 hectares

The refuge encompasses 300 hectares of tropical rainforests.


80 Reptiles

More than 80 different species of reptiles are cohabiting in the Refuge. 

Volunteer program

Our volunteer program is divided into three different projects. The first one is for environmental enthusiasts who are interested in conservation initiatives while being surrounded by fantastic tropical wilderness. The second one is for people interested in gaining practical knowledge in the tourism and hospitality sector. Finally, the third project offers the volunteer a fully immersive experience into the Costa Rican community by providing to locals educational support.

By joining our team, you will gain real hands-on experience while enjoying wildlife and nature in one of the best biological hot spots. You will immerse yourself in the costa rican culture and experience the pura vida. You will meet new open-minded people and share exciting experiences.

Internship program

Are you unrolled in a university? Looking for an opportunity to use your theoretical knowledge in a real life setting? At Punta Rio Claro Wildlife Refuge we are open to any proposal! Ranging from students in biology, to students in sustainability, hospitality or even business students. 


Don't hesitate to send us your proposal!

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