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Community support


To be able to communicate and transmit their knowledge of environmental conservation to visitors, it is important for the community working at the Refuge to speak English. At Punta Rio Claro Wildlife Refuge, we believe in the importance of education, a key component in any endeavor of conservation.

Our last volunteer program is for people who want to have a full immersive experience with the locals. The aim is to provide free english education to the workers of the Refuge. By having the basic tools of the English language they will be able, in the future, to better communicate with internationals and transmit even to younger generations their expertise. Through this program you will take part of the following tasks: 

  • Creating lessons and materials that will be used to teach English to the locals 

  • Asserting the English level of each workers participating in this experience

  • Providing English lessons based on the specific needs of each persons

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