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Conservation project


Through this program you will be able to learn about biodiversity, ecology and the importance of preserving the forest and its wildlife. It will allow you to participate in forest protection, animal protection and maintenance of paths and routes for environmentally friendly tourism. The conservation project includes various tasks. The activities are as follow:

  • Working on the trails: maintaining, improving, cleaning and creating trails.

  • Creating a rest zone and adding signalisation in the forest for tourists to be able to find their way while doing a treck. 

  • Forest and beaches clean up: Remove plastics and tree branches on the beaches and trails. 

  • Preservation of animals: Identify animals around the lodge and list them to follow their numbers’ evolution. You will take part of this task during morning and night patrol in the forest.

  • Creating notices listing all the species that tourists can find around the sanctuary.

  • Re-forestation: planting trees and plants around the Lodge (Beach and Forest). 

  • Creating and maintaining a vegetable garden close to the Lodge

  • Taking part in research to understand the fauna and flora

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