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Internship program

At Punta Rio Claro Wildlife Refuge we are trying to follow nature by constantly changing and evolving with our environment. To be able to build such adaptative system we need people with different expertise and view point. This is the reason why we are opening this internship program.


The idea is to give students the opportunity to contact us with any type of work project they would like to develop in the Refuge (from biological research proposal of the forest to business development proposal for the lodge for example). We will carefully review your proposal and see if there is any space available for your project at our Refuge. 

This can lead to a win-win arrangement, in which you will be able to apply your knowledge and skills in a real-life setting while providing us with your work and findings.  


Don't hesitate to send us your proposal!



“We came for a 3 months internship in business development. What we liked the most was all the freedom we had when working. We could arranged our workdays as we wanted as long as the work was done. Moreover, we have created nice friendships with the team at the Lodge.

We had a full immersive experience into the Costa Rican culture”

— Arthur Samzun & Mathilde Spaymant, May 2022

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